Everyone should have access to the future of money

We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance at financial success.

Our story

If we look back at the beginning of our experience as investors in Bitcoin, we had a hard time, due to all of the challenges in an unknown investment environment,
The lack of reliable information, the uncertainty, the volatility of the market, and our close-to-zero experience were some of the hurdles that we overcame.

Mirko has always been a transformational leader. He has worked in both large corporations and startups, finding success wherever he went. His life mission, “Give to everyone the same opportunity in life” fuels him in his businesses. He just realized how much time was needed to learn and understand this new investment opportunity.

He saw a need to automate and democratize access to sophisticated investment products.

At the same time, Daniela, driven by her intellectual curiosity, wanted to learn more about cryptocurrencies and, with Mirko’s help, she was able to invest her first 1,000 Euro.

She started to overwhelm Mirko with a lot of questions and she was not the only one.

What should I buy?
Where should I buy?
When is the right moment to buy or sell?
Can I re-convert Bitcoin in Euro?

A lot of people didn’t have access to reliable information

Mirko and Daniela had a lunch together with a mutual friend, Marcell. He had 3+ years of experience in blockchain / cryptocurrency and he was involved as NL country leader for a leading European VC fund focused on blockchain technology, Marcell’s challenge, as crypto investor, was the ability to remove emotions out of his strategy. If I could have a tool that automatically sets up my strategy and takes care of my investment, I could spend more time with my wife and two kids, knowing that someone else is working for my family’s wealth.

If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money.

That was the day when BlueFox Capitals was founded

BlueFox Capitals started to make investors’ lives easier. Through our secure and innovative platform we provide a solution to get into the crypto market without having to go through a long learning process. And now that we’ve bolstered our team with experience, we offer a proven strategy designed to help you invest in crypto more wisely, without any added hassle.